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  • Alibaba & Amazon Go: Reshaping retail in the age of Artificial Intelligence
  • Feb 1, 2018
In order to stay competitive, driving traffic from online to offline is a big directional shift for retailers. Automated physical stores are a missing piece to build a complete, efficient retail ecosystem empowered by A.I.
Plans and actions to merge online retail with these smart brick-and-mortar stores will help retailers to generate offline retail revenues that cannot be captured online. The data obtained throughout the ecosystem will be used to train and update deep learning algorithms, in order to better understand customers, drive up the store conversion rates and, in turn, form a virtuous business cycle.
This report compares the approaches taken by Amazon with its Go store and Alibaba's Tao Cafe unmanned store. 
Number of Pages: 19
Author: Wei Sun (
Published Date: February 2018



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