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  • In Focus: Horizon Robotics
  • Sep 18, 2019


A close look into the operations and history of Horizon Robotics, a prominent Chinese start-up developing AI chips for edge device inference market. The company has a major focus on ADAS and autonomous vehicle markets, Surveillance and Security, Smart Retail, Smart City, and Robotics.

Table of Contents:

  • Company Snapshot
  • History and Major Milestones
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Key Technical Achievements
  • Key Market Trends in China’s Chip Industry
  • Key Players in AI Chip Ecosystem
  • Products and Platforms
  • Target Markets
  • Key Takeaways

Author: Gareth Owen
Number of Pages: 22
Date Published: September 2019

Attached Files

  • In Focus - Horizon Robotics.pdf

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