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  • 5G Smartphone Shipment Forecast by Frequency Bands (Sub 6GHz vs Sub6 GHz+mmWave) 2019-2024
  • Apr 22, 2021


‘5G smartphones are driving growth and shipments are expected to double by 2022 i.e. close to 560+ Mn in 2021. This forecast highlights the frequency supports for these handsets and 5G volumes split into the Sub 6GHz (<6GHz frequency)  bands and Sub 6GHz + mmWave bands (24Ghz and above frequency). The USA has a lead in the mmWave deployments with all mmWave capable smartphones in 2019 and 2020 were available in the USA. In 2021 many other countries are deploying the mmWave networks like Japan, Korea, etc. China is expected to have mmWave networks in 2022.

This forecast will help you to understand the availability of 5G smartphones with frequency splits Sub 6GHz and mmWave across regions and OEM’s. We have covered around 30+ smartphone brands and all the major regions with splits for APAC (China, India, Korea, Japan, and APAC Others.)’

Author: Parv Sharma
Published Date: April 2021

Attached Files

  • 5G Smartphone Shipment Forecast by Frequency Bands (Sub 6GHz vs. Sub6 GHz mmWave) 2019-2024.xlsx

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