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  • A Close Look at China’s Face Recognition Technology
  • Dec 13, 2017


Face Recognition is one of the important biometrics techniques, along with fingerprint, Retina scan, and Iris scan, etc. It has been a perennial popular research challenge in personal identification and human machine interaction since its inception in 1960s, and in recent years there has been a marked escalation in accuracy thanks to the development of convolutional neural networks (CNN) and deep learning schemes in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

This report takes a close look at China’s face recognition technology, as its massive algorithms currently top the global rivals in Labeled Faces in the Wild (LFW) - an internationally well-known test for examining face recognition accuracy. 

Table of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
  • Background of Face Recognition Technology
    • Major Biometrics Technologies 
    • Breakthrough in Face Recognition Accuracy
    • Elements of Face Recognition
  • China’s Face Recognition Technology
    • Overview
    • Algorithm Level
    • Application Level
    • Top Application Industries
    • Top Vertical Application Cases
  • Conclusion

Number of Pages: 35
Author: Wei Sun (
Published Date: Dec 2017

Attached Files

  • Face Recognition and Ai in China (Insights Report).pdf

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