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  • Top 100 smartphones sold in the Top 5 markets in 2015 Q3
  • Jan 20, 2016

According to Counterpoint Research Top 5 markets contributed more than half of the total shipment share in 2015 Q3 which include countries from developed regions like North America & Europe  and countries from emerging regions like China, India, Brazil etc. We have seen proliferation of local kings in different regions like Xiaomi in China, Intex, Micromax from India, Tecno from Middle East region, eventually making it harder for global brands to stay competitive. Attached report will provide details on  Top 100 smartphones sold in Top 5 markets across the globe.

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • Top 100 Selling Smartphone in the Top 5 markets
    • by top 5 regions included NAM, Asia Pacific, Europe, MEA, LATAM
    • by top countries included USA, China, India etc.
  • Definition
  • Contacts

Attached Files

  • Top 100 smartphones sold in the Top 5 markets in 2015 Q3.xlsx

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