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  • Vendor Profile: Oppo
  • Sep 21, 2016

Oppo electronics corp, a Chinese multinational technology company focusing on smartphones and accessories is also a sub brand of BBK. Founded in 2004, the company uses BBK’s facilities in Dongguan, China and also shares its roots with Vivo and OnePlus. The main products which Oppo manufactures are: Smartphones, USB cable, selfie stick, power bank, headset, protective case and in car flash charger. In Smartphones segment it mainly focused on the mid to high-end smartphone segment rather than low-end like some other Chinese players.


  • In depth analysis of its global shipments by Tech and by Region
  • Top selling Oppo’s mobile handsets in various price bands
  • In depth analysis of Oppo’s Overall Strategy and Achievements globally
  • Oppo’s relationship with its ODM and Overall Product Strategy
  • Recent highlights like targets in 2016, Super VOOC
  • Oppo’s Strengths Vs Weakness, Opportunities Vs Threats
  • Counterpoint’s Verdict

Number of Pages: 10 (Full reports are available for clients at our portal)
Author: Counterpoint (
Published Date: September 2016

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