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  • Monthly Market Pulse - June 2016
  • Sep 22, 2016

Monthly Market Pulse - June 2016

Please find herewith the June 2016 edition of the Counterpoint Research Market Pulse covering the global sales in May 2016.


  • The handset market recovered somewhat in May with both Sell-Through and Sell-In materially higher.
  • Global market share figures remained relatively stable. However, this apparent stability masked some dramatic shifts at the country level.
  • Apple’s key developer conference took place 13-17 June in San Francisco. It made wide ranging updates to its software platforms across almost all of its hardware devices, but stopped short of making any incremental hardware announcements.
  • On Thursday June 23rd, the UK electorate delivered a shock result to the UK’s referendum about staying in or leaving the European Union; a close vote was expected, but for a ‘remain’ vote. The long term impacts are unclear, but likely negative.

Table of Contents:

  • Key Takeaways
  • Monthly Research Topic
    - Apple WWDC
    - Country Brief: Spain
    - Country Brief: UK post ‘Brexit’ vote
  • The Market
    - Market Sizing
    - Demand and Supply
    - O/S landscape
    - Market by Price band
  • Competitive Landscape
    - Country Analysis: US/China/India
    - Market share by Price band
    - Vendor Analysis: revenue structures
  • Features and Specs
    - Hardware trends and feature adoption rates
    - Average feature sets
    - Vendor market share by feature set

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Author: Peter Richardson (
Published Date: June 2016

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