• Global - Smart Home Trends and Analysis: Smart Speakers Take Center Stage
  • Aug 7, 2018


The reports provides an overview of Smart Home ecosystem. It underlines the evolution of Smart Home from initial automation to additional layers of connectivity and intelligence. It discusses the importance of voice-assistants and why they might be the ideal control device for smart homes. Further, it provides the information on trends, opportunities and challenges for each layer of the smart home ecosystem i.e. devices, connectivity, routers/gateway, platforms and analytics.

Table of Contents:

  • Definition and Evolution
  • Key Components of Smart Home
  • Smart Speakers: Device to Control Hub
  • Types of Smart Home Interactions
  • Smart Speakers: Key Vendors & Strategies
    • Product Strategy & SWOT Analysis – Google
    • Product Strategy & SWOT Analysis – Amazon
    • Product Strategy & SWOT Analysis – Baidu
    • Product Strategy & SWOT Analysis – Alibaba
  • Key Takeaways

Author: Hanish Bhatia
Number of pages: 35
Published Date: August 2018

Attached Files

  • Smart Home Trends & Analysis - August 2018 (Final).pdf

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