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  • Counterpoint USA Smartphone Market Analysis Q2 2017
  • Sep 8, 2017

US Market Analysis Q2 2017: We analyse the US mobile phone market with distinct OEM & Carrier analysis – Shipments, KPIs, Top-Sellers, Price Bands, Channel Share, Upgrade Rates and more.


  • Sell-through in Q2 2017 witness a increase.
  • Postpaid had a surprisingly strong quarter.
  • The top 5 OEMs, Samsung/Apple/LG/ZTE/TCL, grew their combined share in Q2 2017.

Table of Contents:

  • US Top OEM Market Share-2017Q2 Sell-In Analysis 
  • US Market Overview
  • US Market Overview by Channels in Q2 2017
  • Brand Analysis – Top 5
  • Smartphone Market Share Distribution
  • Price Band Analysis by OEM – 2017 Q2
  • OEM Share by Price Band – 2017 Q2
  • Top selling devices by OEM – Q2 2017
  • Hit Model Analysis – 2017 Q2
  • Specification Analysis
  • US Carrier Analysis
  • Analysis on evolving upgrade cycle

Number of Pages:  33 (Full report is available for clients at our portal)
Author: Counterpoint (
Published Date: September 2017

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