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  • The Race To Open RAN Will Be A Marathon, Not A Sprint - Part 2: Vendor Ecosystem
  • Feb 16, 2020


The Radio Access Network (RAN) market is currently dominated by a small number of incumbent players. However, open RAN represents a big threat to this established order as it provides opportunities for smaller companies offering ‘open’ products to enter the market.

This report provides an overview of the emerging open RAN ecosystem, with a focus on the RAN software providers, alternative fronthaul technology providers and vendors developing open RAN compliant base station components. The report also assesses challenges facing these new players and the likely strategy of incumbent infrastructure providers to maintain market share while embracing open RAN.

Table of Contents:

  • Snapshot
  • Key Planning Assumptions
  • Introduction
  • Open RAN Ecosystem
  • Challenges Facing RAN Vendors
  • Viewpoint

Number of Pages: 14
Author: Gareth Owen
Published Date: February 2020

Attached Files

  • The Race To Open RAN Will Be A Marathon, Not A Sprint - Part 2 Vendor Ecosystem.pdf

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