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  • Chinese Brands Take an Important Step Towards Building a Global Smartphone Ecosystem
  • Feb 7, 2020


The Big 4, Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi (HOVX) have joined to form an organization called GDSA (Global Developer Service Alliance) which is planning to provide a platform for developers to upload apps to the app stores of the Big 4 (HOVX) easily and quickly. This is targeting overseas developers, so it is not for China.

This is a challenge to the Google Play Store and further to Google controlled Android itself.

Table of Contents:

  • Top 4 Chinese brands creating a combined app store
  • Root causes
  • Implications to the industry, competition, and key supply chain players
  • Hardware independence, software independence, what next?

Number of Pages: 5

Author: Neil Shah and Tom Kang

Published Date: February, 2020

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